Arts & Craft Videography! | Ontario Fun & Real Wedding Videography!

I am so excited to announce Arts & Craft Videography services!

Arts & Craft Wedding Videography

After finishing my film degree, I went out and worked on a number of film sets (in both Canada & the UK) and started doing on set photography. This was when I realized, I wanted to pursue photography seriously, and started taking classes at college. I never lost my passion for film however, and continued working on short experimental films. They were passion projects that I would work on here and there when inspiration stuck, including a little film I put together for a local film festival.

Since then, I have been keeping in touch with various film makers and visual artists with the idea that one day I would like to work with them again. Well over the past year, I have so much interest in videography services, that it just made sense for me to get together some of the great people I have met while working on films and make some really great wedding films.So go take a look and meet the team! They are a REALLY good time. I promise.

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