Princess Cafe Waterloo I Anthony Damiao Portrait Session

This past week, I was lucky enough to do a portrait session in one of my favorite places in Waterloo, Princess Cafe.

Aside from having amazing soups, sandwiches and ice tea, Princess Cafe has a really fantastic feel and when musician,  Anthony Damiao, asked me to shoot some promotional portraits for him, I thought it would be a perfect opportunatey to photograph inside the cafe.

Lucky for us, the owners’ of the cafe, Celene and Marc Lecompte, had no problem with us coming in and taking some photographs and we got some great shots.

I’ve been shooting concert photography the past couple of years regularly, but have been hesitant to make the transition from shooting live concerts to promotional photography because it is so often cheesy and boring. I didn’t want to do another photograph of a musician in front of red brick wall, so when Anthony asked me for some ideas, I wanted to do something that brought in a local setting and I thought of Princess Cafe right away.

Since I am not a fan of posing my subjects (much to the relief of Anthony), we decided that it would be best for him to just do what he would normally do and I would capture it.

We did end going into a back ally, but no cliches here, just a guy with a guitar and some beautiful light.


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2 responses to “Princess Cafe Waterloo I Anthony Damiao Portrait Session

  1. Great! I’m so glad you forgo the brick wall and jumping with guitar in hand.

    It would be difficult to not enjoy an acoustic guitar performance from a guy who likes kitty cat mugs!

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